Compression and Game Masters Guide

The rules are undergoing the fourth and hopefully final complete rewrite/compression.  The game is also moving from a 25 level system to a 15 level system.  Running a party through all 15 levels with weekly games should take 1-2 years of real time.  Defenses have been simplified even further and making characters is also easier.  In all situations rolling extra six sided die has been replaced with rolling extra 20 sided die and taking the highest die rolled.  Risky Checks still exist, obvs.

Serious work has also begun on the Game Master’s Guide.  I expect this guide to take much less time than the players guide simply because the games basic rule structure is now cemented.  The guide will help Game Masters run the game rules and explain a good Macro view of the “Distant Empires” universe.

Supercheck Rules Reworked

Supercheck rules have been reworked to be easier to remember and play.  Little has changed about the way they work, just the numbers, instructions and boards have been changed slightly.  I’ll be updating each Supercheck as required to make the minor changes required to work with the new rules.  Have no fear, there is still the chance for “Horrible Unforseen Consequences” every time to run a supercheck.

Starship Combat Rewritten Redux Redux

The fourth version of starship combat has been written and I’m quite pleased with it.  Besides the damage chart, all of the rules would fit comfortably on a single sheet of paper.  Although the rules are compressed now I believe that I’ve preserved all of the good parts of starship combat and made some better.  The new rules also leave tons of room for different equipment, combat will vary quite a bit based on your ship’s layout.

Updates, progress. Rules compression

Tons of work has been completed on Void Resplendent: Distant Empires.  The equipment section is approaching complete and starship combat is been conceptualized.  Rule compression continues.  The defense section is now down to a few sentences and lots of the combat situational rules have been homogenized and removed

On to Distant Empires

All of the code to create, remove and re-order manual sections has been completed.  All of the core sections of the book have been moved over to Distant Empires.  Apart from a few small additions/subtractions Distant Empires will have brand new equipment and interstellar travel sections.  I’m currently writing the new Armor section.

Welcome Monday’s Test Group

Welcome to the Void Resplendent Online Rulebook.  There have been some changes since the last time you played.

  • Vigor numbers have been adjusted to be more internally consistent (but they still work the same way)
  • Wounds are now Health and have had a similar adjustment
  • Some adjustments and changes for balanced sake, Aptitudes, Weapons and Armor were the most heavily reworked.  ”Learned” and “Improved Learned” were removed from lessons completely.
  • Combat defense is now much simpler and less variable.  It works on the same concept as the old one but less math and if you get caught without a good weapon you still have some decent defense
  • All crafts have been replaced by the “Supercheck” system.  It’s a single system that works exactly the same way for all crafts (demolition, hacking, genetic engineering, etc).  Once you learn it once you know how to do all crafts
  • Starship combat has been simplified and streamlined again

Closed Alpha Updates

Since our next set of play testing will take place in a different setting, work has begun to separate setting content from core content.  The original setting will be called “Kepler Blues” and the new setting will be called “Distant Empires”.  Work continues to update and fix all formatting to make all paragraphs easier to read on the web.

Closed Alpha Updates


  • Sections have been consolidated to html friendly chunks.  The table of contents is not much easier to read
  • All section titles and most section text have been cleared of formatting errors that resulted from the transition to HTML

Site Functionality

  • Table of contents now loads dynamically which was required for many other enhancements
  • Table of contents can now be opened and closed with the shift key
  • Keyboard shortcuts are disabled when a user is in a text field, press escape to leave whatever text field you are in to re-enable keyboard shortcuts
  • Table of contents now returns to your last selection
  • Table of contents can now be navigated via the arrow keys
  • Table of contents is now styled properly
  • A list of all subsections in a section is now automatically generated (by looking for H elements) at the top of a section, you can clink on the link to jump to that section
  • Next and Previous section buttons added
  • All Javascript code migrated to .js files, out of the main file

Update Short List

  • Adding planet descriptions to the rulebook, I’ll start with Vicetia since our Wednesday group just landed there last week.
  • Adding the ability to re-order sections by clicking and dragging
  • Adding a favorite system to allow users to favorite rulebook sections or sub-sections