Monthly Archives: August 2013

Closed Alpha Updates


  • Sections have been consolidated to html friendly chunks. ┬áThe table of contents is not much easier to read
  • All section titles and most section text have been cleared of formatting errors that resulted from the transition to HTML

Site Functionality

  • Table of contents now loads dynamically which was required for many other enhancements
  • Table of contents can now be opened and closed with the shift key
  • Keyboard shortcuts are disabled when a user is in a text field, press escape to leave whatever text field you are in to re-enable keyboard shortcuts
  • Table of contents now returns to your last selection
  • Table of contents can now be navigated via the arrow keys
  • Table of contents is now styled properly
  • A list of all subsections in a section is now automatically generated (by looking for H elements) at the top of a section, you can clink on the link to jump to that section
  • Next and Previous section buttons added
  • All Javascript code migrated to .js files, out of the main file

Update Short List

  • Adding planet descriptions to the rulebook, I’ll start with Vicetia since our Wednesday group just landed there last week.
  • Adding the ability to re-order sections by clicking and dragging
  • Adding a favorite system to allow users to favorite rulebook sections or sub-sections