Monthly Archives: January 2014

On to Distant Empires

All of the code to create, remove and re-order manual sections has been completed.  All of the core sections of the book have been moved over to Distant Empires.  Apart from a few small additions/subtractions Distant Empires will have brand new equipment and interstellar travel sections.  I’m currently writing the new Armor section.

Welcome Monday’s Test Group

Welcome to the Void Resplendent Online Rulebook.  There have been some changes since the last time you played.

  • Vigor numbers have been adjusted to be more internally consistent (but they still work the same way)
  • Wounds are now Health and have had a similar adjustment
  • Some adjustments and changes for balanced sake, Aptitudes, Weapons and Armor were the most heavily reworked.  ”Learned” and “Improved Learned” were removed from lessons completely.
  • Combat defense is now much simpler and less variable.  It works on the same concept as the old one but less math and if you get caught without a good weapon you still have some decent defense
  • All crafts have been replaced by the “Supercheck” system.  It’s a single system that works exactly the same way for all crafts (demolition, hacking, genetic engineering, etc).  Once you learn it once you know how to do all crafts
  • Starship combat has been simplified and streamlined again