Monthly Archives: June 2014

Supercheck Rules Reworked

Supercheck rules have been reworked to be easier to remember and play.  Little has changed about the way they work, just the numbers, instructions and boards have been changed slightly.  I’ll be updating each Supercheck as required to make the minor changes required to work with the new rules.  Have no fear, there is still the chance for “Horrible Unforseen Consequences” every time to run a supercheck.

Starship Combat Rewritten Redux Redux

The fourth version of starship combat has been written and I’m quite pleased with it.  Besides the damage chart, all of the rules would fit comfortably on a single sheet of paper.  Although the rules are compressed now I believe that I’ve preserved all of the good parts of starship combat and made some better.  The new rules also leave tons of room for different equipment, combat will vary quite a bit based on your ship’s layout.

Updates, progress. Rules compression

Tons of work has been completed on Void Resplendent: Distant Empires.  The equipment section is approaching complete and starship combat is been conceptualized.  Rule compression continues.  The defense section is now down to a few sentences and lots of the combat situational rules have been homogenized and removed