Welcome Monday’s Test Group

Welcome to the Void Resplendent Online Rulebook.  There have been some changes since the last time you played.

  • Vigor numbers have been adjusted to be more internally consistent (but they still work the same way)
  • Wounds are now Health and have had a similar adjustment
  • Some adjustments and changes for balanced sake, Aptitudes, Weapons and Armor were the most heavily reworked.  ”Learned” and “Improved Learned” were removed from lessons completely.
  • Combat defense is now much simpler and less variable.  It works on the same concept as the old one but less math and if you get caught without a good weapon you still have some decent defense
  • All crafts have been replaced by the “Supercheck” system.  It’s a single system that works exactly the same way for all crafts (demolition, hacking, genetic engineering, etc).  Once you learn it once you know how to do all crafts
  • Starship combat has been simplified and streamlined again

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