Void is a role-playing game set in a very intricate universe. It is a huge sci-fi setting spanning across many galaxies. When I was first introduced to the game I was very intrigued because the world we’d be playing in sounded amazing. But before I get ahead of myself let me break down my views on the game system itself.

One of the biggest strengths of this game is how open it is. By that I mean you can create hundreds of different character combinations. Each with different specialties and stats. You’d be hard pressed to repeat yourself on that front. What’s so neat about the character creation is that there is no backstory for any character type. There are simply classes, outlooks and skills sets. These give you some characteristics about the person you are playing but they do not define their actions in any preset way. That is for the player to create. The player can come up with a backstory or play their character however they feel like it. I know other systems are that way as well but this is one of the most player creation based systems that I’ve encountered.
Secondly, let’s talk about story and campaigns. Again the strength here is openness. The Void rulebook gives you the setting of the universe. The characteristics of planets, methods of travel, names and policies of major corporations and governments but that’s all. It’s a giant futuristic sandbox for the party to travel through and do whatever they like. They could wage wars on the ground or in space. They could conduct corporate espionage. They could conduct scientific research and chase comets. They could became merchants and travel and trade or become pirates and pillage. The only limits are the imaginations of the GM and the players. Trust me on this one, this game is mind-blowing in the hands of a great GM.
Lastly we have to talk about combat. Combat in Void is fast paced. Actions take place in fractions of a second and everyone is basically acting at once even though there is a turn order to encounters. Things seem a little chaotic at first but once you get the hang of it, combat flies and it’s a blast. Combat in Void usually involves guns of some type and because of that Cover is the biggest thing. You have to move strategically in combat so that you are not exposed for the enemy to shoot at you easily. Keeping some cover between you and your enemies is essential to surviving. There are many ways that the party can interact in combat. You can work together in complex pincer like maneuvers to dispatch your enemy or you can simply rain gunfire on them until they drop.
The skills that players come to possess can give great advantages in combat but they have to be used correctly. Tactics are key in this world. But the skills don’t only apply to combat. We’ve had many instances where skills have proven vital to RP. Some characters can remember minute details of previous checks. Some can quickly step in and take over a conversation gone wrong for another character. Some skills allow a person to make everyone else believe what they say is true or the opposite effect and expose a lie.
To sum up this little review Void is an intricate and detailed game that is so much fun to dive into. Week to week the players in our group are not only looking forward to continuing our adventures but are avidly preparing for them ahead of time. We haven’t found the limits of this game yet and I really don’t think we will.

-Will R.
Closed Alpha Playtester

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